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When it comes to being a landlord, there's a lot of detail to consider. We pride ourselves on being able to give our landlords the lowdown on the best approaches, property management advice - and the view from the guests perspective. Below are a few general tips we've picked up over the years through our own experience and that of our landlords:

Taste is a matter of taste

What does “tastefully decorated” actually mean? Well, it can be hard to pin down and define such a subjective concept, but generally we recommend that landlords furnish their properties with a neutral palette. It’s a kind of diplomacy for decoration, where the paler and more beige the tones, the fewer guests you’re likely to offend.

Of course, this doesn’t mean your property has to be anything close to drab or utterly devoid of personality. An original painting on a wall here, some brighter cushions to give a colour injection there;  these are the kind of touches which help your property feel like a real home away from home rather than an identikit pre-fab hotel room.

We offer a comprehensive consultation service for landlords wishing to decorate (or redecorate) their property. If you want a professional opinion, give us a call and we’ll come to look “through the keyhole” at a time to suit you.

Planning ahead

We try to encourage our landlords to expect and plan for a lead-in time prior to the start of their property being available for letting. While some agents may snap up an apartment and promise to let it as-seen within a few days, we prefer to take a measured approach which gives us time to work collaboratively with our landlords on setting the property up, taking stock of aspects which could improve the property’s “rentability” and working with a time-frame that means the likelihood of maintenance issues cropping up is minimised.

Certainly. we do take on properties from experienced landlords which are practically ready to let immediately, but where landlords have not had chance to invest in the necessary contents or furnishing, we like to provide a helping hand and expert advice so that the property gets to where it needs to be for the best chance of success. Often we find that good things come to those who wait, and a landlord may receive a better yield having spent time with us consulting about the property.

How does your garden grow

Some of our landlords enjoy taking care of their property’s garden or terrace themselves, and others are less green-fingered. When letting a property with outside space, it is worth remembering that for guests this can often be as important as the inside space! Indeed, outside space can also often prove tricky to maintain with errant winds blowing litter about, neighbourhood animals roaming or guests entertaining there.

We offer a range of ad hoc property care services, including gardening, to take the stress out of exterior upkeep.

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