Our ethos is important to all of the team at righton. Honesty, forthrightness and transparency is key to how we operate at all levels of our business and is why our guests and landlords stay with us.

Authenticity is top of the list

Having had several career incarnations and worked with different business models, our Managing Director, Emma Righton, carved her niche within the serviced accommodation sector, leveraging twenty years of experience to find her most authentic business self. The core of this is an emphasis on service properly delivered. We take responsibility for the way we operate, encouraging feedback from guests and engaging fully with it to continually improve our service.

We are honest 

Over the past fourteen years we have always held the view that fairness is a must in business. We take pride in ensuring that honesty, forthrightness and transparency underpin all of our business activities and service provision. For example, we have a policy not to charge any mark-up on contractor work for repairs, utility servicing or gardening etc.  So that’s zero % mark-up for guests, and zero % mark-up for landlords. Fair’s fair.

What you see, is what you get

Transparency is critical to us, both in the way we communicate with customers and in how we present our services and prices. We ensure that it permeates at all levels of the business to foster the best quality of relationships. We give it to you straight.

You are why we’re here

We are a service-based company with a strong customer ethic. We are always interested to hear guest and landlord feedback to help us to continually improve, and our focus is on you, our clients.

If you would like to leave feedback for our team, please call us on 01865 311696 or visit our Guestbook. We look forward to hearing from you!

‘Escrow’, ‘therewith’ and other jargon

It is par for the course that in our landlord contracts and associated documentation we use the necessary legalese and the typical terminology for the property and lettings sector. However, we like the contract documentation to be where this jargon ends. Straight-talking is our preferred way of communicating, and our landlords appreciate the fact that we place clarity and professionalism above formality for formality’s sake.

Our culture is one which encourages the cultivation of real and lasting professional relationships, and as such we like to keep the facts and figures simple. Whether we’re discussing a clause in a tenancy renewal over the phone or meeting to talk through your latest occupancy report, you can be sure that we will give you the answers you need.