Landlord serviced management

Our landlord serviced property management option is for landlords who are confident in their own property management but would like righton to help them find high-quality guests to rent to on both the short-term lets and long-term tenancies, on either a serviced and standard let basis. If you have properties and are happy to accept rentals throughout the year, this management type is for you. Find out more below.

What does landlord serviced management mean?

This is where we find and place guests in your property for short and long term stays, we collect the rent on your behalf, and you manage the property including liaising with tenants in residence, transferring utilities and maintaining the property and its contents (for long lets).

What does this option include?

We will:

• Advise you on the current rental market, including yield predictions

• Provide advice on décor & how to equip the property for rental

• Ensure your property is health & safety certified and in line with other housing legislation

• Find and install tenants in your property with thorough reference checks (where applicable)

• Promote your property online across our websites and appropriate portals

• Advertise your property with ‘to let’ boards and other print media (where relevant)

• Handle accompanied viewings so you don’t have to (for long lets only)

• Produce an in-depth property info pack as a handbook for guests

• Attend the photography session at your property to ensure the best angles are caught

• Take away the headache of contracts by negotiating with tenants on your behalf

• Pay you the rent less fees by BACS on a weekly basis

You will:

• Arrange and supervise property maintenance and repairs, including between periods of occupancy

• Arrange weekly linen and towel replenishment and weekly freshen-up cleaning (serviced lets only)

• Arrange end-of-tenancy cleaning (where applicable)

• Meet & greet tenants with keys when they move in

• Manage utility provision, maintenance and transfer at the property

• Organise incoming and outgoing inventories (where applicable)

• Handle deposit negotiation and any deposit disputes which arise

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