Christ Church

Those who are drawn to the Alice in Wonderland, Harry Potter, and the Narnia stories should visit Christ Church, where the cathedral shop has a variety of interesting memorabilia available for children of all ages relating to these timeless stories… and much more.

When visiting Christ Church today, many children from abroad often wish to also see the Great Hall which featured in the Harry Potter films. Christ Church’s website states about the Hall, that it is ‘the finest surviving section of the college’s original foundation. It shows the Renaissance magnificence of Cardinal College, and suggests the scale it might have reached had it not been for Wolsey’s fall. It was this Renaissance splendour that attracted the makers of the Harry Potter films to build a replica of the Hall in their London studios.’

You can also enjoy walking around the meadows, which are free to enter, and around the cathedral over to the river, sites which are often reminiscent of the description of scenes from the ‘Alice’ books written by Charles Dodgson (‘Lewis Carroll’). Venture out of Christ Church from the St Aldates gate and you’ll find Alice’s Shop with a selection of Alice-themed gifts, popular with visitors, and Cafe Loco, where you can enjoy a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party.

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