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Introducing our new-look company

Posted by Emma Righton on Tuesday 19 January

Everyone makes positive changes in January and so have we! OxfordShortlets has been rebranded as righton, with a new look, new logo and a lovely new user-friendly website,

We have also launched a new shop in Oakthorpe Road, Summertown, so pop by and say hello next time you’re in the area.

On our new website, and all our social media pages, we will be bringing you the latest company offers and updates, as well as our expert opinion on everything property related. Join in the conversation on Twitter at @rightonproperty, or find us as rightonproperty on Instagram and on Pinterest.

From the the latest housing news to our local insider tips, we will reveal where all the hidden gems are to eat and drink in Oxford, the truth behind the buy-to-let changes as well as the best places to invest – and make a good return.

We think 2016 is going to be our best year to date and we can’t wait to share it with you.