Oxford Castle

Situated in the city centre of Oxford, just a block or so from the Carfax Tower, this complex reveals Oxford’s less well known history, one that is rich with tales of great prison escapes, betrayals, and even romance – all within the walls of what was once this ancient castle and underground prison.

Oxford Castle is a partly ruined Norman medieval castle, originally a moated, wooden motte and bailey castle, replaced in stone in the 11th century. By the 14th c., the military value of the castle began to diminish, and it became used primarily for county administration and as a prison.

Most of the castle itself was destroyed in the English Civil War, and by the 18th c., the remaining buildings became Oxford’s local prison. Further expansions were made to the prison, and it eventually became HM Prison Oxford. It closed in 1996 and was redeveloped into a modern-day restaurant and hotel complex. The Malmaison Hotel and other restaurants are also on this site, and there are periodic craft fairs, food festivals, farmer’s markets, Shakespeare plays, an outdoor cinema and other events held in its centre square area during the year.

You can explore the 900 year old underground crypt, the Debtors’ Tower and Prison D Wing. Walk up to the top of the castle mound and explore this interesting site further, and enjoy a better view of the city centre.

Discover more by visiting OxfordCastleUnlocked.co.uk for information on tours or visit OxfordCastleQuarter.com for news and events.

If you would like to stay close to Oxford Castle, we have a number of apartments situated in the Castle Quarter including a modern one bed apartment overlooking St George’s Tower and the Mound. And a one bed apartment or two bed duplex penthouse, with a private terrace, in the heart of the Castle’s restaurant quarter.

For further information, contact our lettings team quoting the property reference numbers.

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