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Can David Cameron turn Generation Rent into Generation Buy?

Posted by Emma Righton on Tuesday 9 February

There’s been lots in the news recently about how difficult it is for young people, especially under-35s, to get on the property ladder.

Any parent would do anything they could to help their children buy their first home.

David Cameron says he wants to help too, and he’s particularly keen to help renters turn into buyers.

It sounds great in theory, but how does the Prime Minister plan to make that happen?

  • The Prime Minister has pledged to build 200,000 “decent, well-built homes with gardens” by 2020, which will be sold at a 20 per cent discount to first-time buyers under 40.

  • To help financially, discounts will be offered on these “starter homes”, which will be capped at £450,000 in London and £250,000 outside the city.

  • There will be a condition that buyers can’t sell the starter homes for five years.

  • Housing association tenants will also be allowed the ‘right-to-buy’ their homes.

Under-35s struggling to get on property ladder

Posted by Emma Righton on Sunday 7 February

Last week I wrote in my blog about how parents can help their adult children to get on the property ladder without arguing.

Two days later, new research has backed up my concerns about the difficulties young people and first-time buyers face.

The number of homeowners under 35 in Britain has worryingly dropped by nearly 300,000 over the last five years – a fall of more than 16 per cent.

Last year, stats revealed ownership among young adults had collapsed since 1991, when a third of Britons aged 16-to-24 owned their own home. By 2011 that figure had fallen to just one-in-ten.

It’s a worrying time when young people are unable to get on the property ladder without financial help from their families or getting into huge debts.

The Government has pledged to build 200,000 starter homes (sold at 20% below market rates and reserved for first-time buyers under the age of 40) by 2020.

David Cameron also plans to expand the help-to-buy shared ownership scheme (which requires a 5% deposit and enables access to a subsidised mortgage), but is that really the answer to the UK housing problem?

How to buy your child a property – and avoid a family feud!

Posted by Emma Righton on Wednesday 3 February

Soaring house prices and rents, and the difficulty faced by young people to secure a mortgage, mean it’s harder than ever to get on the property ladder.

By early 2015 about 67 per cent of first-time buyers had help from their parents, according to lenders’ data.

Families don't need to row over property!

Families don’t need to argue over property!

If you’re lucky enough to have some disposable income to help your child buy a house, here’s how to avoid the inevitable arguments:

  1. Draw up a contract – It might sound unnecessary between family members because there is a tendency to think everything will be fine, but stressful situations can often make things turn sour.


  1. Be clear about who owns what – Up to four people can be on a Land Registry title, but many more could have helped pay off the mortgage or towards the deposit. Avoid a difficult legal issue when the property is sold by keeping records of every individual family member’s investment or contribution.

Keep records of who owns what to avoid rows


  1. Ring-fence your assets if your child marries – it sounds very Hollywood, but a pre-nuptial agreement, laying out what share of any property belongs to each party will help protect your investment. And it’s not too late to do this at a later date. A post-nup agreement, or a declaration of trust (which sets out who owns what proportion of a property and what should happen if is sold) after the property has been brought does the same thing.

Keep talking and soon you could be toasting your new property in a lovely garden like this

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